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Our team has extensive experience in delivering complex integration projects combining also the solution know how aligned with standards and best practices. Currently, Enertel is the major local challenger in system integration solution deployment services.

Enertel provides deployment services related to IT infrastructure integrated solutions to telcos, enterprises and organizations requiring high technology in OSS and BSS environments and in particular, Order Care and Catalog, Charging and Billing, CRM, and Mediation.

Furthermore, we can help our customers to change the pyramid mix on their  staff employment by providing best fitting resources with adequate competency on their projects.

The people employed in SI have development experience in ESRI/ArcGIS, WebLogic, Oracle DB experiences, ESRI versioning experiences, .net, Java, XML, Python experiences, knowledge on Unix Operating System (Solaris, Linux, HP). VM knowledge (VMWare, VitrualBox etc.), Knowledge of Shell scripting (Perl, python and Java), and Database knowledge (Oracle, MySQL)